Hoping for best solution in the Snoop saga

By Reader Contributed

I was saddened by your article about the Kialla family who may be forced to have their dog Snoop put down because of a dangerous dog ruling.

Snoop is a companion dog to their daughter who suffers from depression.

He has been through the rigorous temperament testing by the RSPCA and was deemed safe to be rehomed. The family has had no issues with him.

Apparently, Snoop was involved in an attack in April last year and the case has just recently come to court.

The council and the RSPCA were unaware of the situation at the time of adoption.

Surely Snoop could be spared if the council were to check the family’s yard and make sure they have strong fencing and gates.

If the family agreed to use a muzzle when they take him out, then everything should be fine.

Let’s hope common sense can prevail.

It would be dreadful if the young girl had to lose her companion dog, which would add to her depression.

- Ann Worcester, Shepparton