On relationship rollercoaster

By Ash Witoslawski

Reality television has ramped up again for another year and for many of us it has been a struggle to choose between cooking classic My Kitchen’s Rules on Channel 7 and relationship rollercoaster Married at First Sight on Nine.

Although I love a cooking show as much as the next person, MAFS has got me and a large majority of Australia hooked as we sit by the TV with our dinners, put our relationship psychologist hats on and analyse the heck out of the newlyweds we have seen this week.

So sit back with your breakfast, morning coffee or afternoon tea and enjoy my warm takes on the couples so far.

Lauren and Matthew

So this couple has definitely received a lot of attention and not necessarily due to drama.

At the start of the show Matthew let the world know he was a 29-year-old virgin and believe me, the producers have not let us forget it!

Every time the new couple is back on camera, we constantly hear about it and really, it gets a little old.

They seem like a really lovely couple, both down to Earth, positive and attracted to one another, which is always a good start to a marriage I guess.

Probability of success: 80 per cent.

Ines and Bronson

This marriage was off to a bad start the moment Ines walked down the aisle and insisted her new husband take out his eyebrow ring.

Opinionated, outspoken and, to be honest, flat out rude, the honeymoon unsurprisingly faced some struggles as Ines screamed at her new husband and Bronson scoffed about understanding why she was single.

It was tense, but honestly I think we are all secretly loving the drama and I am hoping for some kind of miraculous turnaround where these lovebirds come together — starting by sleeping in the same bed.

By the end of the episode, it looked like things were slightly on the mend, but I think we may in for some twists and turns with this one.

Probability of success: 30 per cent.

Elizabeth and Sam

Geez, if this marriage can come back from the deep and terrible hole it is in, I would be surprised.

At least Ines and Bronson have had some sort of communication, even if it is yelling!

Elizabeth was left on her wedding morning by her new husband Sam, who decided to leave to be with his ex at her mother’s funeral.

This one is really dividing audiences from what I can tell.

On one hand, some people feel bad because Elizabeth has been left alone with no idea what is happening in a hotel room eating pizza she reheats in a toaster (weird?).

On the other, it is also hard to understand the complexity of Sam’s relationship with his ex’s family, so it is hard to judge the circumstances.

Time will tell with this one, but I am fairly confident drama is on the horizon.

Probability of success: five per cent.

Michael and Martha

I wanted to end this all on a positive note, so I am pretty excited to say things are looking really great for these two.

From what we have seen so far, there is a lot of chemistry and cohesion for people that only met about a week ago.

The pair have a lot in common, seem laidback and genuinely invested in the experiment.

Is it too good to be true? We’ll have to wait and see what plot twists the producers throw at them.

Probability of success: 90 per cent.

I’m looking forward to continuing the analysis as the weeks go on with the relationships either blossoming or deteriorating.

Let me know your thoughts on the show! I’d love to include them as the series goes on.

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Ashlea Witoslawski is a journalist at the News.