Waste of scarce resources

By Shepparton News

The seemingly continual problem of car fires throughout the district is a strain on local resources.

It is incredibly disappointing when The News attends the scenes of burned out vehicles and often cars can sit in the same spot for weeks before being removed.

This results in not only an eyesore for the area but also creates risk for residents who may be wondering through park land where the vehicles are often dumped, or live nearby.

While it is the responsibility of Parks Victoria to remove the vehicles, resources were wasted last year when they were focused on removing more than 40 cars from Shepparton Regional Park and Lower Goulburn National Park.

These Parks employees should be focused on doing their jobs; not cleaning up after senseless criminal acts.

Not only do the presence of burned out vehicles put strain on Parks Victoria, it is also a waste of the CFA’s time, particularly during the fire danger period.

CFA volunteers and staff should not have to attend purposely lit fires.

Tatura Fire Brigade firefighter and secretary Bill Stockdale said purposely lit fires could not planned for and therefore could cause huge amounts of damage during times of extreme heat.

With temperatures soaring in the Goulburn Valley in recent weeks coupled with electrical storms, the CFA is already under incredible pressure.

The general public and nearby landowners are also put at risk due to this senseless behaviour.

Burning cars emit toxic fumes and can explode.

The News commends both Parks Victoria and firefighters for their efforts recently and hope behaviour such as this will no longer be taking up their already precious resources.