We need to build waste-recycling facility

By Reader Contributed

Waste not, want not.

Could I suggest that our city fathers cancel the proposed SAM, also the pedestrian bridge at the Shepparton railway station.

Why, you may ask?

I believe that the proposed SAM is of benefit to a few.

The rail bridge, the same, and the cost of maintaining both will be ongoing.

With some of the $70million saved, our city fathers should build a state-of-the-art waste recycling facility.

Properly managed, that plant will produce an income into the future, and provide jobs.

Then, part of the money saved should be used to modernise and expand the existing SAM in Welsford St.

This answers the problem of what to do with the Welsford St building if the proposed SAM went ahead.

The present-day SAM is in a central location, within easy walking distance and has ample parking available.

The January 18 News indicates that waste management is a problem.

A much-needed, well-engineered waste management facility could put Shepparton on the map, produce jobs and an income.

- Don Horsey, Kialla