Next Cool Heads program on this Wednesday

By Shepparton News

Greater Shepparton Police are urging young drivers and parents to attend a Road Safety Forum on Wednesday night.

The Cool Heads road safety program is an opportunity for people to understand the life-threatening risks associated with driving and to discuss safe driving practices with police and special guests.

Crime Prevention Officer Glen Gibson said the forum will be confronting but young people need to be aware of what road trauma looks life.

“This is just not a sporting injury that can be fixed, it’s the rest of your life and how it can be turned on its head in an instant,” Mr Gibson said.

There will be five speakers at the event including Jayne Walters who was involved in a horrific car collision several years ago.  

Ms Walters suffered spinal, head, chest and pelvic injuries and can no longer work or live her life without being affected by the trauma associated with her car accident.

The 2 hour session will explain to drivers that road accidents can happen to anyone at any time.

Mr Gibson said he wants to get through drivers that although getting your license is exciting it can be life changing.

“Not only does speeding cause accidents but a moment of distraction like looking at a text message or being distracted by a passenger also cause deadly can accidents,” he said.

The program has reached more than 7000 people in the ten years it has run in the region.

Mr Gibson said he is hoping positive peer pressure will result with more than 300 people attending the event.

The program is free to attend and will be held at Eastbank on Wednesday, July 17th at 7pm.

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