Nickee Freeman - The Greens

By Shepparton News

My experience covers a lot of ground. I’ve worked in natural resource management with state government agencies in the Goulburn-Murray and Alpine National Park regions. I’ve been involved in pest plant and animal control, biodiversity, Landcare and irrigation projects during this time. I have been a small business owner, running a successful bayside horticultural franchise and a costume manufacturing enterprise. I’m familiar with the challenge of balancing full-time work and raising a family. I’m dedicated to preserving our environment and climate change action. I have been a sustainability educator in schools and a vocational trainer with Corrections Victoria and TAFE. I’ve worked with the Landcare movement for almost three decades and have been involved in environmental and climate activism from a young age. I currently work in disability support. Whether a new or old seat, the message is the same: if we want a parliament that makes decisions in the best interests of the people, we need to vote differently. If we keep voting how we have always been voting, nothing changes. This election needs to be the climate election.