Punctuality drops on Shepparton line train services

By Shepparton News

Punctuality on the Shepparton rail line dropped slightly last month.

The line had 83.7 per cent of trains running on time last month.

While falling below V/Line’s punctuality target of 92 per cent, the Shepparton line did again exceed the reliability goal of 96 per cent— it posted 98.7 per cent reliability last month.

In February, V/Line reported 85.1 percent on time trains for the Shepparton line; a slight decrease on January’s 85.4 per cent.

Reliability on the Shepparton line has also fallen since January’s 99.6 per cent, but last month increased on February’s 98.1 per cent.

Almost all services to Shepparton have been completed since August last year.

The line had 100 per cent reliability from September to December, while it averaged 99 per cent in August and 98 per cent in July.

However, each month it has fallen below V/Line’s punctuality target.

It posted a 85.5 per cent punctuality rate for December, an improvement on November’s 80 per cent.

For the four months before November, it consistently reported at 85 or 86 per cent on-time services.