Mulch pile fire at Shepparton composting plant

By Shepparton News

CFA were called to Western Composting Technology at about 10.45pm last night due to a mulch pile fire. 

Shepparton and Tallygaroopna CFA attended the incident with two pumpers and a tanker.

After forcing entry onto the property, CFA members discovered a mulch pile about 30 metres long and eight metres wide had caught fire. 

CFA were able to get in touch with site workers who came down to help control the blaze by separating the pile and turning over the mulch. 

CFA left the scene at about 12:30am as WCT workers continued to control the fire with their onsite water cart facilities. 

Shepparton CFA station officer Mark Whitehead said a smoke warning was issued due to the southerly breeze blowing smoke towards nearby properties. 

He said CFA members will assess the situation today and lift the smoke warning if safe to do so.