Police out in force as part of Operation Arid

By Myles Peterson

Shepparton Police were out in force today as part of Operation Arid, springing up at sites across the district.

At lunch time, motorists heading south on the Goulburn Valley Highway found themselves directed in to the side lane next to the BP service station where around a dozen officers waited with breath test units.

Senior Sergeant Brad Fisher said it was not unusual to stage a breath testing operation on a late Monday morning, warning some motorists often underestimated the effects of heavy drinking on their ability to drive the next day.

Operation Arid has running over the course of the weekend and comes in the wake of a horror start to this year’s road toll.

A spokesperson said Victoria Police was taking a zero-tolerance approach in the wake of the number of deaths.

“Sadly, it’s been a tragic start to the year with 59 lives lost of Victorian roads. We have seen an increase in lives lost predominately in country Victoria, including five in the Greater Shepparton area,” she said.

“Victoria Police will continue its focus on enforcing all traffic offences and calls on motorists themselves to consider the possible ramifications of their choices behind the wheel.

“We especially urge motorcyclists and country road users to do everything in their power to make themselves as safe as possible as these groups make up 80 per cent of our lives lost this year.”