Wheel-y good result for locals

By James Bennett

The Shepparton Radio Control Car Club held its inaugural 10th scale Victorian Drivers Series round over the weekend and a few locals walked away winners.

Held at the miniature race track behind the basketball stadium, the event attracted up to 100 entries with competitors traveling from all over the state

 It was the second of five rounds in the Victorian Drivers Series for 10th scale cars.

Despite most cars being about 30cm in length, some were reaching up to 90km/h along the main straight during the weekend of intense racing.

Club secretary Ben Howard said rain affected the racing on Sunday but that it was still a successful event.

"The rain came in at about 1pm on Sunday so we needed to cut the event short but we managed to complete two finals in the two-wheel-drive category.

"It was a really successful meet for our first 10th scale. The track came up really well before and after the event.

"People started coming up on Friday so competitors were practising all day Friday and Saturday morning, qualifying Saturday arvo and then finals on Sunday."

Mr Howard also finished the weekend a winner, taking home the two titles in the stock classes.

He said was able to beat the national champion.

"I competed against 20 other people. It feels great to win; it was about a three-second margin. 'The national champion finished second and another really strong competitor finished third so it was a really good quality field.

"I also won the first round in Mildura and that's my second win in a row so that gives me a good lead in the series. 'I also won the Victorian State Title in the same class a few weeks ago so I'm having a good year,' Mr Howard said.

The series has five rounds and the 10th scale cars are raced in multiple classes including juniors, stock (controlled motors) and mod (modified motors).

 Like traditional motor racing, competitors needed to compete in qualifying rounds to determine their place on the grid in the finals. The finals consisted of three five-minute finals and the results were based on the best two rounds, meaning each competitor could have a bad round.

'It's a point system with the lowest points being the winner. It's all on a dirt track; no tarmac so you also need to find the right tyres for the car. 'In the mod class you can put in as big of a motor as the car can handle.

'One of the things about radio control cars, it's not strength-based, so a 10-year-old can compete in the same class as a 30-year-old.'

Results from the event are as follows: 2wd Modified Buggy - 1. Ray Munday (Keilor), 2. Lachlan Munday (Keilor), 3. Simon Healy (Knox); 2wd Buggy Juniors (u16) - 1. Angus Browne (Keilor), 2. Robert Holliday (Keilor), 3. Sash Schembri (Keilor); 2wd Stock Buggy - 1. Ben Howard (Shepparton), 2. Leigh Cheeseman (Knox), 3. Simon McHugh (Keilor); 4wd Modified Buggy - 1. Jordan Isergin (Keilor), 2. Glen Bonetti (Knox), 3. Lachlan Munday (Keilor); 4wd Stock Buggy - 1. Ben Howard (Shepparton), 2. Simon McHugh (Keilor), 3. Justin O'Connell (Keilor); 2wd 21.5t Spec Buggy - 1. Dale Brown (Shepparton), 2. Mark Casey (Knox), 3. Racko Schembri (Keilor); 2wd Stadium Truck - 1. Nathan Healy (Knox), 2. Wayne Robinson (Wodonga), 3. Mitchell Isergin (Keilor); 2wd Short Course Truck -1. Leigh Cheeseman (Knox), 2. Angus Browne (Keilor), 3. Mark Browne (Keilor); 4wd 21.5t Spec Buggy - 1. Matt Coad (Knox), 2. Peter Crowe (Knox), 3. Racko Schembri (Keilor).