‘Arty kid’ makes her mark

By Ashlea Witoslawski

From a young age, Megan Fisher remembers drawing on the walls of her family home.

Pursuing a career in photography, art has always been a passion for the Nathalia woman, who has perfectly blended her hobbies with her career.

‘‘I’ve been drawing ever since I was little — as long as I can remember’’ Ms Fisher, 19, said.

‘‘Instead of school work I’d be drawing.’’

Known as an ‘‘arty’’ kid, it slowly began to take up a lot of her spare time and naturally developed into a hobby.

Ms Fisher fancies all mediums, with a preference for acrylic and oil painting, followed by a general love of drawing.

Most of her skills are self taught, but she said VCE art at high school helped develop her skills.

‘‘I used to go crazy in VCE art because that was my favourite place to be,’’ she said.

Ms Fisher said the freedom felt when practising her craft was what inspired her every day.

She said many of her art pieces incorporated aspects of photos, as well as other images from her mind.

‘‘I guess it’s just sort of the feeling that you can create something that’s from your mind or that you can take a photograph and somehow incorporate that into your drawings,’’ she said.

‘‘It’s kind of amazing how the human eye can just pick up all these little details and put them onto paper.’’

Ms Fisher’s skill has been recognised in her community over the years, with her greatest achievement being selected to display her art in the 2016 and 2017 Nathalia Arts Windows.

‘‘A lot of the shop windows allow people to put paintings in their windows to sell them,’’ she said.

‘‘In 2016, I won a certificate for third place for selling an art piece and the year after I sold something else, which is not very common.

‘‘It’s a great way to put your art work out there as well as earn money for doing it.’’

She also had an opportunity to display work at the Moira Shire Secondary Student Exhibition in 2017 while studying at St Mary of The Angels Secondary College.

Working as a photographer with the Shepparton News, Ms Fisher said she had career aspirations to pursue other art mediums in the future.

‘‘I’ve got so much time left so there is a lot of time to pursue other things in the art industry,’’ she said.

Ms Fisher believed it was important to continue working on her skills for future success.

‘‘When you keep at something you become better at it and that’s pretty much what I’ve done my whole life,’’ she said.

‘‘Art is not just a hobby, it actually helps people and it’s therapeutic in different ways.’’

You can follow Ms Fisher’s art journey on Facebook @Megan’s Art Place or on Instagram @meegs.paige

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