Mathoura’s athletes shine

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

The sun was shining when Mathoura Public School recently held their annual athletics carnival.

Students displayed impressive determination, athleticism and sportsmanship both on the track and field.

As expected, students put in their utmost effort into each event they entered.

Runners, jumpers and throwers displayed commitment and skill, trying their best with some exceptional results.

Mathoura Public School athletes were fortunate to have incredible support from the school community, with parents, grandparents, family and friends lining the sidelines to cheer them on.

There was plenty of action to keep spectators engaged with students participating in a range of track events, including the 1500m, 800m, 200m, 100m and relays, as well as field events.

The sub junior children participated in track events, long jump, discus and a range of novelty events.

Age Champions from the event were as follows:

Senior Girl Champion - Jemika Cooper; Senior Boy Champion - Ryder Douglas; 11 Years Girl Champion - Remi Baulch; 11 Years Boy Champion - Jimmy Jachim; Junior Girl Champion - Georgie Taylor; Junior Boy Champion - Connor ‘CJ’ Wilson; Sub Junior Girl Champion - Ava Wardlaw; Sub Junior Boy Champion - Jonathon Moorse.

Julie Fleischer was also acknowledged for her outstanding sportsmanship and received a special encouragement award.

A total of 21 students qualified to attend the District PSSA Athletics Carnival.