Deni dominant

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

The Deni Rams proved too strong for Numurkah in A grade with a convincing 57 goal win at home on Saturday.

Again the Rams were able to string together a consistent four quarter effort.

Amelia Seignior appeared to be in her element with a phenomenal number of turnovers and unstoppable drive out of defence in a best on court performance.

In a game of midcourt stand outs Eleisha Hall and Hayley Hall both displayed patience into attack and consistent defensive pressure.

Final score, Deni Rams 75 to Numurkah 18. Awards: Club Incentive - Amelia Seignior; Coach House - Eleisha Hall; Total Bliss - Hayley Hall.

The B grade Rams had a great day out against Numurkah, trying a few new combinations and enjoying each other’s company in a 13 goal win.

Rach Hare played her best game of the season and mixed well in defence with Rach Maher and Elle Parsons.

Final score, Deni Rams 48 to Numurkah 35. Awards: Club Incentive - Rach Hare; Globe - Frieda O’Sullivan; Total Bliss - Elle Parsons.

In C grade, the Rams stormed home to a 43 goal win.

It was a bit of a slow start by Deni, with the home side taking a bit of time to settle into the game.

The Rams’ first half was a bit clunky but by the second half they found a nice rhythm and started to play some good netball.

Final score, Deni Rams 73 to Numurkah 30. Awards: Club Incentive - Katie Wren; IGA - Lilli Free; Coach House - Kayla Hussey.

Deni’s C reserve overcame a one goal quarter time margin to finish 28 goals in front at the final whistle.

The Rams found their groove in the remaining three quarters, showing strength throughout the court.

Krissy Nieuwenhuizen rattled the Numurkah shooters keeping them away from the post making it difficult for them to keep possession in the ring.

Kaila Park and Taylor Wilkinson settled in and accurately brought the scoreboard into Deni’s favour.

Final score, Deni Rams 56 to Numurkah 28. Awards: Club Incentive - Kaila Park; IGA - Alanna Raper; Globe - Krissy Nieuwenhuizen.

The Under 17s were outstanding in a 51 goal win against Numurkah.

Georgina Mildren proved her versatility in GS and GD with some fantastic shooting and defensive intercepts.

Gracie Willis was strong through the midcourt and rebounded impressively in the ring.

Felicity Jefferies was tight in defence and her many intercepts were converted to goals, before she shot well in attack herself.

Final score, Deni Rams 64 to Numurkah 13. Awards: Fitnow! - Georgina Mildren; Bennett’s - Felicity Jefferies; Eric Sim Pharmacy - Gracie Willis.

Deni’s U15s continued their unbeaten run with a 55 goal victory.

Annie Harvey played a great game through the middle taking multiple intercepts and feeding well to her shooters.

Jemma Smith had another strong game in defence, combining well in different combinations and working hard to keep the shooters goalless.

Chloe Brown shot beautifully from all over the ring and combined well in the midcourt in the last quarter.

Final score, Deni Rams 68 to Numurkah 13. Awards: Glow Beauty - Annie Harvey; Bennett’s - Jemma Smith; Evolve - Chloe Brown.

A strong first quarter, that saw a 17-2 margin, helped the Rams U13s to a 30 goal win.

Strong intercepts by the mid-courters and accurate shooting by Bonnie Everett and Paige Brown were a highlight.

Final score, Deni Rams 40 to Numurkah 10. Awards: Canteen - Shanè Bothma; Bennett’s - Paige Brown; Evolve - Pheobe Sander.

This week saw a very tight contest in U11s resulting in a draw.

Remy Henderson and Aysha Mitsch combined well in the circle for the Rams, both shooting and rebounding well. Molly Bradley applied great defensive pressure through the midcourt creating many intercepts. Shontai O’Callaghan was strong in defence and worked hard all game.

Final score, Deni Rams to Numurkah 8. Awards: Bennett’s Socks - Remy Henderson; McDonald’s - Aysha Mitsch; Subway - Molly Bradley.


The Rams Gold team had a steady start going goal to goal with the Dangerous Divas in the Deniliquin Netball Association on Wednesday.

With some renewed drive in the second quarter and some accurate shooting, Gold took the lead and were able to maintain it for the remaining three quarters, winning by 10 goals.

Awards: Chloe Brown, Claire Landini, Grace McMahon.

The U13s Blue had another great, close game on Wednesday night.

The Rams side showed their determination and never give up attitude with Ava Robinson and Matilda Whittakers working beautifully in the ring together. Winnie Thomson’s feeds into the ring were also consistent and strong.

Awards: Ava Robinson, WinnieThomson, MatildaWhittakers.