Big boys give tips

By Benalla Ensign

This week Auskick hosted the Benalla Saints.

The players each had a station and conducted training drills for the young players, which the teams rotated around.

The Auskickers told coaches they appreciated having the different activities before they played their games.

Coach Jimmy assisted in presenting the weekly awards and extended thanks to the Saints players and coaches for providing fun activities.

‘‘We thank the Saints for inviting the seven to eight-year-olds to play at half-time of their match against Shepp Bears,’’ Jimmy said.

Round three

Goal-kickers and award winners:


Blues goals: Ava Lindsay, Brayden Connolly, Scarlett Parker. Award: Jackson Quarrell.

Tigers goals: Caleb Thwaites, Jack Hazeldene, Oliver Shultz. Award: Jobe Faderson.

Giants goals: Ava Ward, Benjamin McHardy, Bailey McHardy. Award: Dominic Hopgood.

Red Rebels goals: Johnathon Goodwin, Jack McKenzie, Sophie McKenzie. Award: Vincent Harmon.

Demons goals: Jack Crook, Lachlan Osborne, Archer Pugh, Spencer Whitechurch, Teddy Sheehan, Teddy Clancy. Award: Lachlan Osborne.

Bulldogs goals: Ben Fitzgerald, Blake Piggott-McDonald, Miller Fowles. Award: Benji McKean.


Magpies goals: Georgia Trethowan, Dallas Ring, Eli McKean, Xavier Defazio. Award: Eli McKean.

Kangas goals: Thomas Snell, Olivia McKenzie, Joshua Bamford. Award: Lily Ramsay.

Tigers goals: Hugh Ross, Noah Damon, Oliver Smith, Thomas Mount, Samuel Mount. Award: Samuel Mount.

Bombers goals: Taj Upston, Lochie Johnson, Owen Levy, Brayden Jacobs, Xavier Decker. Award: Bentley Parker.

Hawks goals: Ruby Crook, Joshua Montgomery, Ben Wells. Award: Ryan Lindsay.

Cats goals: Tyler Fear, Zane Peisley, Alex Lambert, Cash Nolen, Charlie Bowen, Owen Bolitho, Lucas Ziebell. Award: Owen Bolitho.


Bulldogs goals: Kai Dervish. Award: Blake Parker.

Tigers goals: Ryder Robertson, Mitchell Murphy, Thomas Osborne, Corey Vinten, Luke Welsh, Lachlan Randell. Award: Luke Welsh.

Cats goals: Toby Reeve, Isaac Hayes, Joel Lewis, Mary Moll. Award: Mary Moll.

Kangas goal: Angus Richardson, Rohan Gunukula, Nate Nicholas, Meg Evans, Liam Fielding, Kobi Thwaites. Award: Kobe Rawlings.

Bombers goals: Logan Ring, Jack Montgomery, Jackson Clarke, Luke Boulton. Award: Logan Ring.

Hawks goals: Dylan Henshaw, Ethan Damon, Maya Rhodes. Award: Dylan Henshaw.

Auskicker of the week:

5/6s: Sonny Nolen has approached Auskick with enthusiasm and demonstrated excellent team spirit.

7/8s: Charlie Bell lost a tooth and continued playing, continually shows great sportsmanship.

9/10s: Liam Fielding demonstrated great sportsmanship and teamwork.