Shepparton’s firefighters home after a month of battling blazes

By Ed McLeish

After more than a month of Shepparton CFA District 22 firefighters' deployment to regions in New South Wales and the Tallangatta and Corryong fire, the last of our officers and trucks have returned home.

CFA District 22 operations officer Paul Scragg said the last two firefighters came home from the Tallangatta and Corryong fire at midnight on Monday.

“Everybody’s home after being out for weeks, which is really good,” he said.

“At one stage, we had five firetrucks day in day out at the Corryong Tallangatta fire and some up in NSW earlier on in the piece – that’s over a month now.”

CFA District 22 operations manager Tony Owen said while Shepparton’s units are home, the incident operation management team are still deployed on some larger scale files across the state.

The return of Shepparton’s firefighters comes as wild stormy weather and much-needed rain hit several parts of Victoria and New South Wales.

Mr Scragg said the rain Australia had recently seen would put out some of the fires, but not all of them.

“We’ve had over 30 calls in the last 24 hours around the district, lots of false alarms,” he said on Monday morning.

“A power line went down in Toolamba and another one went down in Katamatite, both caused by stormy conditions.”

“While there are still these conditions, avoid going out if you can.”