Dog-napping saga continues

By Ashlea Witoslawski

Fur continues to fly over the dog-napping of 10-month-old German wirehaired pointer Chanel.

Desperately waiting for the day she is reunited with her canine companion, Shepparton’s Lynne Lea is angered by the actions of Greater Shepparton City Council.

More than four weeks ago, the boisterous pup was nabbed by animal control in front of Ms Lea’s Cornwall St property.

A night shift worker, Ms Lea woke several hours later to find Chanel gone.

After several tussles with the authorities, she was told she could not see her dog because the council was still investigating the alleged killing of a local cat by the dog.

“The cats around my property are all strays and they would antagonise Chanel all the time,” Ms Lea said.

“From what I’ve heard, the cat died afterwards from a heart attack, not from my Chanel.”

Ms Lea said she has not been allowed to see her dog and has reason to believe Chanel is no longer being held at Shepparton pound.

“People have told me she isn’t there anymore and the council have been very rude to speak with when I’m trying to work out a way to see my dog,” she said.

“I’m not being aggressive; I’m just assertive and annoyed.”

Ms Lea said she understands Chanel should not have been out on the road, but wished the “council did not blow this out of proportion”.

“They know they’re wrong by taking my dog for so long and they are digging a bigger hole for themselves,” she said.

Ms Lea said she has taken legal advice from a lawyer in Melbourne.

“I have a whole heap of paperwork saying they are going to class my dog as dangerous, but I’m going to fight this,” she said.

“I just wish it all didn’t happen.”

Greater Shepparton City Council said it could not comment on an ongoing investigation.