Perfect timing

By Tatura Guardian

The Boomerang Bags movement continues to grow in Tatura, after the first meeting occurred on Thursday, April 26.

Eleven enthusiastic individuals met at Tatura Community House to discuss logistics, taglines and skills moving into next week’s start.

With the impending ban on single-use plastic bags, the Boomerang Bags group believes timing is more important than ever.

‘‘It was great to see so many different parts of the community come along,’’ Tatura Community House manager Leeanne Button said.

Boomerang Bags organiser Alena Mifka is excited about bringing the bags to Tatura.

‘‘We’re a positive little town, happy to try new things,’’ Ms Mifka said.

‘‘Once people see it as a normal thing it will be easy to accept it.’’

There will be two types of bags available throughout town.

Bought-and-Support in which people can buy and reuse the bags as well as a Borrow-and-Bring-Back version.

The making of the bags will begin on Thursday, May 3, with a morning session from 9.15am to 11.15am and an evening session from 7pm to 8.30pm.

Everyone is encouraged to come along and help in whatever way they can.

‘‘It will be a proud moment when we see them in the stores,’’ Ms Mifka said.

- Ashlea Witoslawski