Stop barriers: Ryan

By Benalla Ensign

State Member for Euroa Steph Ryan recently tabled a petition calling on the State government to stop the rollout of wire rope barriers.

The petition urged the government to halt the rollout until further investigation and consultation is had with the community.

Ms Ryan, alongside Nationals leader Peter Walsh, met with protesters on the steps of Parliament House to listen to their concerns about the rollout.

‘‘More than 400 people from the Euroa electorate signed the petition,’’ Ms Ryan said.

‘‘Right across country Victoria people are concerned with the Andrews Government’s hasty installation of these wire barriers.

‘‘There should be a strict set of criteria about how and when wire barriers are used, but instead the government has breached its own guidelines to roll them out everywhere along freeways.

‘‘Emergency services, farmers and road users have all pointed out to the government the dangers created by unbroken kilometres of these barriers.

‘‘The government has heightened the risk of people getting trapped in a fire and has made it more difficult to respond to emergencies.

‘‘Instead of dismissing the people who hold these very valid concerns as ‘dingbats’ and ‘banjo playing conspiracy theorists’, Daniel Andrews should halt this program and listen to those of us who use these roads on a daily basis.

‘‘The money being spent on these barriers could make a significant improvement to the state of roads across country Victoria,’’ Ms Ryan said.