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April 10, 2018

The foundation of a temporary shelter at Mooroopna railway station in January, soon after a fire destroyed the historic station.

Better than before

- Chris Carter, Mooroopna

Mooroopna railway station has been on its present site for well more than 100 years.

Until an empty building burnt down a couple of months ago, Cr Dennis Patterson had not made any public comments about the station or its location.

Now he suddenly wants Mooroopna to have a new station in a new location.

Of course The News jumps on the bandwagon (‘‘Mooroopna station future’’, The News, April 6).

So now we want not only more trains, better trains, faster trains and whatever anyone else has — we want Mooroopna to have a new station.

This would at least put Mooroopna on a par with Shepparton as it was not that long ago The News was backing a push for a new station there. And let’s not forget a proposal for a railway station at the lake for SAM.

Since the fire, Mooroopna train travellers have lost a 40’ verandah with seating for three people. We have gained a 10’ shelter enclosed on three sides. We now have seating for nine people. We still have a full length platform that enables access to every carriage — which is more than some stations further down the line. We have more land available for car parking than any station north of Seymour.

Perhaps Cr Patterson and The News would do better to share their wisdom on railway stations with the people of Toolamba.

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