Letters to the Editor

February 12, 2018

Community asset: The Mooroopna Farmers and Craft Market.

Market needs support

Gary Thomas, Mooroopna Lions Club member

While speaking to a loyal patron of the Mooroopna Farmers and Craft Market, I mentioned that because of the waning support from the general public it is possible that it soon won’t exist.

He was horrified at the thought.

I explained our stall holders were finding it difficult supporting us when the returns were so little. It then hit home to me what would be lost if we did cease to exist.

Being a project of the Mooroopna Lions Club, this market is one of the only markets in the area where all funds raised go back to the community.

For the seven-plus years that the market has been running, this has amounted to a tidy sum of $98460.

It also provides a platform for many worthy organisations to promote themselves to the community.

There are too many of these to mention and all are important to our all of us in so many ways.

It is also a fantastic meeting place for all.

If the community, council and promoters get excited and only support fly-in, one-off type events and forget about successful long-running community events like this market, a great deal will be lost to the area that would be difficult to replace.

That chance meeting of a loyal supporter of our market reminded me it was far more than just a market and we could not just give up on it.

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