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February 06, 2018

International volleyball competitors in action at Shepparton's Victoria Park Lake at the weekend.

Coverage lacking

- Ron Poole, Shepparton

Shepparton’s lake side was flooded by a great number of locals and tourists attending an international event, beach volleyball, which I am sure would have taken a great deal of time and effort to arrange.

On reading yesterday’s News, I was somewhat disappointed to see how little coverage was given to this event.

For an international event to be successfully hosted in Shepparton, I would have thought a major effort would have been assigned to give it maximum exposure.

They did spend some advertising dollars with the News, not that it is used as a yardstick I am sure.

So what will it take for better coverage of such events to be in our News?

Time to tidy up

Merv McDonald, Picola

To Greater Shepparton City Council and the group Shepparton Show Me, which seems to be in charge of promoting the central business district and the city.

In the past few months, I have read about the CBD and how to fix the failure of same.

My advice is to clean the entrance up from the lake as it is a filthy disgrace.

I do not see spending millions on a new art gallery will help the CBD.

It will be asset to the city, but not help the filthy entrance to the CBD.

Drive past the lake to Sobraon St, on the left-hand corner is an unkept block of land with rubbish all over it.

Up to the right-hand corner of Vaughan St, is an unkept block of land, high dead grass, rubbish, nature strip along in front covered with animal faeces, papers discarded, bottles and plastic cups and other rubbish, unmowed — not too welcoming.

Keep going to High St on the north side, an old burnt out hotel.

Who in their right mind would stop to shop in the CBD?

Clean the filthy entrance of the CBD up, spend some of the millions you intend to spend, make people proud of the city.

Come on council, show me.

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