Letters to the editor

December 01, 2017

Anti-terror intervention excellent

- Rex Tooley, Shepparton

There is a strong possibility that Australia maintains the most effective anti-terror police intervention in the world.

The federal and state police are quite expert in their conduct of their duties, and are extremely effective in every way, in a difficult environment.

We need to congratulate these great protectors of our lives and values, in the face of Islamic extremist madness.

It is true that the vast majority of decent, quiet Muslim peoples seek a peaceful life — as we should all do.

Yet mindless killings of ordinary innocent people continue across the world.

Misery and heartache follow, and for what gain?

None, other than notoriety, at the expense of the world image of all Muslim peoples.

The plot to kill as many innocent people on New Year’s Eve as was possible in Melbourne has been contained, but where will the next Islamic extremist mad-man — or woman — come from?

We do not know, but our security policing, serves us all well.

I have Muslim neighbours — all good people, never any concern for anyone — but the extremist minority is a greater threat to world peace and stability than any other single nation or regime.

We join the world in the struggles with extremists anywhere, or any time this human madness emerges.

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