Letters to the Editor

November 06, 2017

Ban cars and make Maude St Mall safe

Bill Brown


There has been much community debate in recent times about the future of our Maude St Mall.

A major point of contention has concerned the introduction of slow-moving traffic (cars) through the mall. I would have expected by now that our community leaders would have considered the erection of bollards to prevent what has already happened in Melbourne’s Bourke St Mall and London Bridge where people were deliberately mown down by cars driven by, either terrorists or others described as ‘‘nutters’’.

When we read of these ghastly events happening in major cities, there is a tendency to think that this could never happen in Shepparton.

The reality is it may well happen here as a mixture of road rage, alcohol, drugs, depression, general stupidity or any one of these can create a ‘‘nutter’’.

Terrorism is not new, but is now accepted as a reality in the modern world and, therefore, can never be discounted in Shepparton.

Our councillors should ban cars completely from the mall, and this includes the car parking in Fraser St Mall, in order to provide optimum protection for not only us ratepayers but also visitors to our city.

Multinationals’ plot

Jiri Kolenaty


Australia has been colonised by England and our government based on the Westminster principle.

Our official language is English.

We were using English currency and imperial measures until decimalisation took over. Our sovereign, the Queen, is English.

I cannot see why English nationals cannot become Australian politicians.

It seems to be another plot by multinationals to sever our ties with England and take Australia over.

But judging by their past performance, I doubt that their way of rule would be better than the Westminster one.

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