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July 12, 2017

John Lawry would like to see the mall remain closed to traffic.

Leave mall as is

- Dr John Lawry, Kialla

The latest Weekend News contained a report about the “redevelopment” of the Maude Street Mall that made real sense to me.

My own position is to maintain the Maude Street Mall as it is without parking and through traffic.

The provision of parking will not ensure prosperity for property and business owners or even guarantee a parking space to potential shoppers if and when it is sought.

The problem is not only inconsistent shopping hours but the range of shops available.

I certainly do not want public money spent on what I regard as the responsibility of property and business owners.

I am also happy to park elsewhere and walk.

Equality on roads

- Terence Ashdown, Koonda

In reference to articles regarding mobile phones on bikes, if cyclists expect to share equal rights on the road, then surely why not expect to share equal wrongs?

It’s about time some progress is being made bringing cyclists up to tune.

To be fair and egalitarian, I feel a cyclist needs to be fined and lose points exactly as on a car licence, and if no licence, double the fine.

One of the biggest benefits would be the revenue raised from cyclists not stopping at stop signs.

Another issue that affects this tax-paying road-user is the arrogance and antagonistic values which slow down the legal and efficient flow of moving traffic — another infringement notice I suggest.

I realise cycling is a good tool to abate the onslaught of old-age afflictions with the thrills and excitement of possibly at any stage getting bowled over, and maybe one day myself I may get dressed up and do the same.

I am still bemused by recent times when a cyclist swerved to evade an object or animal on the road which caused an accident or major injury. If this was a car driver performing the same act then I believe they would be considered a dangerous operator and subject to serious consequences.

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