Woman jailed for harrassing former partner

May 12, 2017

A woman's obsession with her ex-partner has landed her in prison.

A woman will spend the next seven months behind bars after she started harassing her former partner and his family just a few weeks after getting out of prison.

Kay Scott, 31, faced Shepparton Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday after she was arrested last month for repeatedly breaking an intervention order against her ex-partner.

Scott pleaded guilty to a range of offences that included repeatedly driving past her ex-partner’s house, writing on the Facebook wall of her ex-partner’s new girlfriend and repeatedly phoning Shepparton police station for no reason.

Police prosecutor Leading Senior Constable Anna Hanlon told the court of numerous examples of Scott’s attempts to make contact with people associated with her former partner, both over the phone and in person.

Ldg Sen Const Hanlon said Scott repeatedly called a woman associated with her former partner, and in one instance said, ‘‘I’ll get him back’’ and made inappropriate noises until the recipient hung up the phone in disgust.

During one week in April, Scott attempted to make more than 150 calls to this person’s phone.

‘‘(Due to the calls) the victim has stopped answering her phone to private and restricted numbers, and has missed several important calls,’’ Ldg Sen Const Hanlon said.

The mother of Scott’s ex-partner also received a call which she did not answer that was later confirmed to have come from Scott’s phone.

On a Facebook post on the wall of her ex-partner’s current girlfriend, Scott wrote ‘‘how does it feel, good sleeping with my son’s father’’ and ‘‘he’ll run back to me like he always does’’.

In another incident, Scott was seen repeatedly driving up and down the street in front of her former partner, despite not having a driver’s licence.

Defence solicitor Luke Slater admitted to Magistrate Stella Stuthridge that the deferred sentence Scott was put on in March when she was released from prison ‘‘did not go too well’’.

At the time, Ms Stuthridge deferred a sentence to a range of charges to see if Scott, a repeat re-offender, could stay out of trouble on the outside and avoid extended prison time.

Mr Slater said his client had an intellectual disability and did not seem to be deterred by threats of imprisonment.

Ms Stuthridge said Scott was a ‘‘sentencing conundrum’’ for that reason, but there was no option apart from prison.

‘‘She’s clearly not suitable for a corrections order,’’ the magistrate said.

As it became clear she was heading back to prison, Scott looked worriedly at her young daughter, who was sitting in the gallery with a relative.

The magistrate sentenced Scott to seven months in prison and fined her $1000.

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