Letters to the Editor

January 11, 2017

Change needed

In reply to Bill Brown’s letter of January 7.

Bill, it is great to hear you are concerned. Just thought I would inform you of a few facts that obviously you and many more ratepayers do not know.

The mall traders who give the impression that they own the mall are just. The mall traders paid for the construction of the mall with an additional rate imposed over a 10-year period. In fact, if an audit was conducted, it would be found that there was a surplus of about $156000 that eventually went to consolidated revenue.

The mall traders also paid an advertising levy that went towards the promotion of the mall and a mall manager, Lucian Roncon. This worked when we had a number of multinational outlets operating in the mall and business was vibrant, but they have gone and traders are struggling.

I am lost with your comment ‘‘imagine a mall that includes Maude St, Vaughan St, Wyndham St and High St’’. We cannot support our current mall. Curitiba, in Brazil, has a population of two million people. Shepparton’s population is 44000 and our mall is failing. How can they compare?

Our city is doing great with sporting events and we should maintain these events and strive for more. They bring additional revenue to our city, and I believe our population cannot substantiate our small business sector without outside income.

Bill, if we want the same we do nothing, but if we want to go forward we change.

Carl Hainsworth, Former Maude St Mall business owner

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