Letters to the Editor

December 02, 2016

Join movement

International Volunteer Day on December 5 is a time for us to reflect on the immense contribution volunteers make to our society and thank them for all that they do.

Red Cross is an organisation built on voluntary service, made up of 17 million volunteers worldwide.

Volunteers help us save lives, build resilient communities, support people in disaster and prevent and alleviate human suffering in times of war and conflict.

Every day throughout the year our 35000 members and volunteers in Australia improve the wellbeing of those who are experiencing extreme vulnerability. I can’t thank them enough for their time, energy and commitment and I feel privileged to work alongside them.

Voluntary service not only helps the recipients, but also the volunteers whose lives are enriched by the act of giving. We aim to build an inclusive, diverse and active humanitarian movement based on voluntary service.

I strongly urge you to join our humanitarian movement and help your community by visiting redcross.org.au/volunteering

Submitted by - Penny Harrison, Director, Volunteering, Australian Red Cross

New service

The fact that the Liberal and National parties have to recycle empty two-year old election promises (‘Off the rails’, November 29) shows how little they’ve learnt.

Shepparton abandoned them because they didn’t do anything for local people.

They wasted four years, then made a desperate promise on the eve of the election to trick voters into giving them another chance to do nothing.

No-one ever caught a promise to work. A promise never got anyone to school on time or home at night.

People need new services and that’s what we will deliver.

From January, the 4.31pm Southern Cross to Seymour service will operate every weekday, making it easier for passengers to get home to Shepparton in the evening.

It’s the first stage of our long-term plan to deliver five services, five days a week, to Shepparton.

We will deliver real improvements for Shepparton passengers to get them home safer and sooner.

Submitted by - Jacinta Allan, Public Transport Minister

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