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November 24, 2016

Thanks, readers

I write on behalf of my father, Terence ‘Bill’ McCarthy, who we lost on Tuesday.

His best mates called him ‘‘Scribe’’, in dear reference to his prolific career as a country Victorian journalist of general news, municipal matters, politics, rural affairs and, of course, his lifelong passion — local sport.

In his retirement, Bill continued to write letters to the editor, which mainly centred around these issues.

To those close to our family, it’s a well-known fact that I transcribed most of his letters. Dad would call me in Sydney and give me his take on the issues of the day, and each time I was amazed at his intelligence, wit and sense of equity. Then he’d dictate his letter and I’d email it in.

Most of them made publication. Up to the end, each and every word was verbatim.

I was simply a huge fan of the man, with the honour of the ultimate insight into how his mind worked.

There will never be another Bill McCarthy — he is irreplaceable and truly a once-in-a-generation kind of bloke.

On behalf of my mother Nora, brother Bernard and brother Francis and his family, thanks to you, the reader, for being Dad’s loyal audience all of these years.

For what it’s worth, I think he left Shepparton a better place than when he arrived. And I’m confident if Bill’s love, decency and sense of humour rubbed off on us at all, the joint will continue to be the place he loved so much.

Submitted by - Terence McCarthy, Shepparton

Spend wisely

I refer to Maggie Turner-Miguel’s comments in The News yesterday (Food for thought) on the lack of advertising for a recent exhibition occurring in the current adequate SAM location.

This is a good example of just whether the appropriate questions have been put forward into why SAM needs a multi-million-dollar relocation and makeover.

Regardless of where the money is coming from for the new Seeking Adequate Money, why would there be any exhibition held in a public gallery/museum without the appropriate advertising to the general public?

Personally I do not care whether the new SAM moves or not. I am not (as yet) an arts fan. I just want to see, as a ratepayer, our rates being used for the best possible value for all ratepayers, not just a select few who seem to want all the lights and bells but don’t promote what we already have.

I have seen on local TV ads for Ballarat’s art gallery. It appears to lead by example.

Submitted by - Kevin Saxton, Shepparton

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