Tim completes 400km for FAST4

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

Before most people had rolled out of bed on Sunday morning Tim Roadley had completed 400km of running in just four weeks.

Last week Tim completed the Murray Quad half marathon around the Black Bull Golf course and Silverwoods as part of his awareness challenge for the Stroke Foundation. 

This gave Tim the full set of the four most common IAAF recognized distances for “road running” events which are 5K runs, 10K runs, half marathons and marathons. 

Week 1: Marathon in under 4 hours

Week 2: 5km 4 separate virtual non Parkruns 

Week 3: 10km in a ironic time of 44:44:4

Week 4: Half Marathon in 1 hour 47 mins.

The only thing that he then had to finalise for his FAST4 Challenge was to run another 30km by last Friday to make it 400km for the month of July.

After completing the 400km challenge Tim said he was touched by how many people had approached and congratulated him for doing the challenge and raising awareness about stroke.

“The most encouraging thing about the FAST4 is that people are coming up to me talking about relatives and friends affected by stroke so hopefully the message is getting out there. 

“The FAST4 message is if you see someone’s Face drop, they can’t lift their Arms and their Speech is slurred call 000 as Time is critical. (FAST is abbreviated for FACE, ARMS, SPEECH TIME).

This is not the end of the FAST4 Challenge for Tim as there are plenty of other sports he will be challenging himself to complete in the next six months while COVID-19 restrictions continue to cancel mass participation events. 

“Thanks to everyone that has donated to the stroke foundation, for those who would like show their support the page will remain open for the rest of the year. Stay tuned for the next adventure.” Tim's donation page can be found at