Native birds swoop into spring

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

Magpies warbling is one of the most familiar and endearing sounds of Australian wildlife, yet the whirring and whooshing sounds of a swooping magpie approaching fills most with dread. 

There are a number of places in Yarrawonga Mulwala which are common areas for magpie swooping’s with Kennedy Park, the Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort and Irvine Parade just a few of the notorious areas mentioned by residents.

With spring now upon us, breeding season for native birds is underway and swooping of unsuspecting people begins. 

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) Acting Program Manager Environmental Compliance, Andrew Dean said, “Bird swooping is part of life in Australia, as we share our environment with native wildlife. 

“Swooping occurs every year during breeding season and is largely a defensive manoeuvre carried out by some male birds when we come within close range of eggs or fledgling birds. 

“They are simply taking action to deter any threat to their young. 

“Being swooped by a territorial bird is no fun, but this is normal bird behaviour and, if possible, the best response is to keep away from the area. 

“It is illegal to harm native birds and offences can result in fines or impressment. 

“It is up to us to co-exist peacefully with wildlife and respect it. 

“If you do end up in an area where there is a swooping bird, try to protect your head and eyes and move quickly through the area. 

“We encourage people to share information about swooping birds by logging their encounter on our Swoop map.” 

BirdLife, Australia’s leading bird conservation organisation, has suggested that the swooping season has begun earlier than usual with numerous swooping incidents reported in the latter part of winter. 

Some of the places where people are most likely to be swooped are public spaces such as parks particularly where there are tall eucalypts. 

To report a swooping incident by any species of bird on Victoria’s swooping bird map, visit


Comments from the Yarrawonga Chronicle’s facebook page

Last week we asked readers on the Yarrawonga Chronicle Facebook page about their experiences of swooping magpies in the area.   

Apex Park Mulwala, Mad Mile Mulwala, Tom and Orr St Yarrawonga ~ Vanessa Bennett.

Corner of Telford and Sharp St, nasty one having a go ~ Janita Crawford.

Ladies tee on the third hole of the executive (blue) course at the Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort ~ Kathy Hunter. 

Kennedy Park has always been notorious for swooping magpies going back years ~ Des Lonergan.

The road next to the cemetery there is a bad one ~ Xavier Colvin.

Irvine Parade near the scout hall was bad last year, was a few of them swooping from all angles ~ Brandine Dgnome.

Some members of the community also had words of advice on how to not be swooped.

My maggie’s come in for a feed. Love them. Very intelligent birds, they recognise faces and how they treat them ~ Diane Claire Ford.  

Take some mince meat with you.. he will be your best friend ~ Megan Patricia Dunn.