Exploring the future of Yarrawonga Aerodrome

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

Moira Shire is seeking expressions of interest (EOI) to lease or buy the publicly owned areas of the Yarrawonga Aerodrome. 

Moira Shire GM Corporate Simon Rennie said the EOI process is an opportunity for someone to buy or lease a regional aerodrome that services the popular tourism and lifestyle destination, with diverse agriculture and export industries and that is already home to aviation businesses and users. 

“Over the years we have been presented with a wide range of proposals to improve or develop the aerodrome,” Mr Rennie said.

“Some of the proposals sound brilliant but with so many projects competing for council funding and limited in-house aviation expertise, we believe private ownership or lease could provide a better option to get these ideas off the ground. 

“The EOI process allows anyone to put a proposal together for consideration by council. “There’s no guarantee we will receive an acceptable proposal and if a sale or lease doesn’t go ahead, the aerodrome will continue to operate as a council owned facility. 

“The EOI process will also inform our consideration of a number of related but separate issues including the future status of the aerodrome under CASA regulations, options for generating revenue to offset the aerodrome’s operating costs and the public benefit the aerodrome provides. 

“The EOI includes only the council owned areas which comprise a terminal building and toilets, runway, taxiway, plane parking area and other fixed infrastructure above and below ground. 

“These occupy approximately 112 hectares of freehold council land that is zoned to protect its use for aviation related uses. 

“A key consideration for applicants will be demonstrating how they will maintain the access and rights defined in existing agreements with users and hangar owners and ensure continued access to the aerodrome for general aviation and emergency services. 

“The privately-owned areas and hangars are not included and existing rights and agreements will transfer to the successful applicant.

“To provide applicants with time to learn more about the facility and develop their proposals the EOI will remain open for three months. EOIs must be received by council by 4pm Friday, October 25.” 

Anyone seeking further information about the aerodrome and the EOI can visit the Moira Shire website or call council’s customer service team (03) 5871 9222.