Channel vandalism hurts farmers already doing it tough

By Rodney Woods

Murray Irrigation has acknowledged vandalism on an environmental watering site recently, stating the action has only served to hurt farmers who are already doing it tough.

The vandalism on Murray Irrigation’s channel has the potential to cost the company thousands of dollars in repairs, overtime costs and lost revenue and water, which ultimately impacts all shareholders.

The company's chief executive officer Phil Endley said the company was alerted on social media to the fact that there had been interference with a Murray Irrigation channel.

“Frankly, it’s disappointing to see this damage,” he said.

“We share the frustrations of our shareholders with the current conditions, but vandalism is simply the wrong way to go.

“Just two weeks ago we released 50Gl of water to farmers as an early allocation in recognition of the impact that ongoing zero allocations and drought were having on our customers.

“So, it’s especially disappointing to see this happen.

“There are far better, more constructive ways for people to voice their concerns.”

Mr Endley said the company had reported the matter to the police and the National Resource Access Regulator, which has overall responsibility for the compliance and enforcement of water laws in NSW.