GV Health asks community to get pathology done later in day

By Madi Chwasta

Goulburn Valley Health is encouraging pathology patients to arrive for their tests later in the day, as too many people are showing up first thing in the morning.

GV Health pathology operations manager Merilynn Cree said crowding at the hospital's pathology centre and at Community Health on Corio St was preventing adequate social distancing and increasing waiting times.

“At 8 am, there’s all these people around and you’re trying to social distance,” she said.

“But there’s nobody waiting throughout the day.”

Pathology has changed locations: the service has moved just inside the GV Health main entrance.

She said the problem had been worsened by the requirement for all patients, visitors and staff to use the main entrance at the hospital for mandatory COVID-19 screening.

Ms Cree said staff were concerned they would have to make people wait outside.

“If too many people turn up early, (they’re) going to end up queuing outside,” she said.

“They’ll be standing out in the weather, which we also don’t want.”

She asked patients to consider coming later in the day if they were able to.

“If you need to be there at 8 am because you’re fasting or on your way to work, that’s fine,” she said.

“But if you don’t need to be there early, come a little bit later, after 10 am.”

The pathology centre at GV Health has been temporarily moved just inside the main entrance of Graham St, as the old location was in the path of building works.

Pathology is expected to return to its former location by mid-May.


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