Tournament of the minds

By Laura Briggs

Tournament of Minds is a problem-solving program.

It involves teams of seven students working together to create a solution to a set problem.

The team has six weeks to come up with their solution.

This involves writing a script, making costumes and props and meeting the set criteria.

This year Tatura's Sacred Heart School entered two teams into the Goulburn Valley tournament, which takes place at La Trobe University in Shepparton.

This is the third year that our school has participated in the tournament and second year in a row that we have a team representing the GV at the Victorian State Final.

Team 1 included students from years 3 and 4 - Sophia Speddia, Kane Organ, Cameron Dundon, Sam Carbone, Miriam Ford, Lila Plunkett and Harry Cameron.

We chose the Social Sciences challenge.

The challenge was all about Global Inclusion.

We had to create a world event, make up a country and a final product for our presentation.

Our team chose "Everybody’s Got Talent" as the Global event.

Our final product was an iMovie showcasing all types of talent across the world from all types of people.

Two of our team members wrote and played the backing music for the iMovie.

We were awarded honours for our performance and were selected as a "wildcard" entry into the Victorian State Final.

The Final will be held at La Trobe University, Bundoora, on Sunday, September 8.

Team 2 was a mix of years 5 and 6 students - Tarah Argus, Xavier Black, Abbi Gilders, Seth Hutchison, Sophie Lewis, Cadel Nicholson and Xavier Powles.

The challenge we chose was The Arts, which involved us rewriting The Wizard of Oz based somewhere in Victoria.

Part of this challenge involved creating two original songs, making two backdrops, creating costumes and props and we had to write our own script with all of our own characters.

It was a wonderful yet challenging experience for us, but we really enjoyed working together to come up with our solution.

After finishing this long-term challenge, all teams also had to do a spontaneous challenge.

This is where we have six minutes to solve a challenge and then two minutes to present it to the judges.

Both challenges are student led and organised without any assistance from teachers or parents.

We feel our performances were fantastic and we were awarded honours at the end of the day. We had a lot of fun as well.

- Michelle Cameron