Times, they are changing

By Tatura Guardian

The closure of any newspaper brings with it a bittersweet mix of sadness, pride and hope.

So it is with regret that we announce this will be the last edition of the Tatura Guardian.

For the past seven years, the McPherson Media Group has been proud to deliver the news, the achievements and the issues of Tatura to its residents every week with its own dedicated newspaper.

In 1966 the McPherson group published the Kyabram Free Press and the Tatura Guardian with similar content, but different mastheads.

Since 2012, the Guardian has had its own exclusive weekly content gathered by McPherson group journalists.

The Tatura Guardian masthead has a long history — dating back to 1880 when it was first published by a John Lewis of Mooroopna.

In 1892 Charles Bollinger established the Kyabram Free Press to compete with the Guardian.

Tatura and Kyabram newspapers became inextricably linked with different owners and mastheads during subsequent years, until 1939 when Kyabram had its Free Press and Tatura had the Guardian Press, both owned by Percy John Clements, former owner of the Finley Mail.

When the McPherson family began publishing the Guardian in the 1960s, newspapers were the only source of local news for the residents of small towns.

But times change, and today people are accessing news in different ways and newspaper sales are dwindling.

To reflect these changing habits, the McPherson Media Group now has a strong digital presence with different mastheads operating their own websites.

But we recognise the importance of our printed products and the loyalty of our traditional print audience — so the news that matters to the people of Tatura will now be given dedicated space in the Shepparton News every week.

It remains for us to thank all our loyal Tatura readers for their support and wonderful stories during the years.

We look forward to maintaining our ties to this vibrant part of the world, and we invite the people of Tatura to continue sharing their stories, their issues and their dreams with us for many more years.

If you have any specific Tatura news, please send it to [email protected]