Bowls - Kyabram appoints new coach Dane Gade

By Tyler Maher

Kyabram has turned to a fresh voice in the Goulburn Valley Bowls Division.

The Power has appointed Dane Gade as head coach, with the former Keysborough mentor ready to bring a taste of the city to the country club.

“I'm going to try and bring a bit of metro flair to the region,” Gade said.

“Glenn Fields is (a prime example).

“He's had one season at Ky and is from Richmond Union, so knows how metro bowls works and obviously showed his talent by finishing in the top five skips last season.

“I'll bring a metro mindset across all four rinks and all divisions of the club, not just one rink in the top division.”

Gade has moved to Cobram, and will tackle the GVBD pennant ranks with a "team first" approach.

“We've just got to try and adapt a team first policy,” he said.

“The way that I do things is always a team first approach. A team of champions doesn't always beat a champion team, that's the philosophy that we'll be playing by.

“We'll be trying to get a few recruits across who fit that approach.

“I'm living out in Cobram and working out there, I weighed up whether I should stay in metro or not, but the drive would have been too insane.”

The Power found Gade through a mutual contact, and will be hoping he can deliver them success across all grades of the club in midweek and weekend competitions.

“It was out of the blue, they kind of approached me through one of my mates and we had a meeting and it was a really good fit,” Gade said.

“I think the division is going to be really even this year.

“The main thing is I think you have to keep the core group of players together across the entire club.

“Division one success is the ultimate goal, but you have to filter that through the divisions as well.”