Predicting top six almost impossible

By Tyler Maher

Has there ever been more excitement surrounding the start of a Kyabram District League season?

Shane Crawford has Ardmona Recreation Reserve buzzing, while a host of inclusions at Violet Town – including another former AFL face in Jared Brennan – should have the Towners right up the top of the table.

But across the entire competition squads look to have strengthened, leaving the task of predicting a top six an almost impossible one at this stage of the season.

In the netball ranks Stanhope should again be the benchmark that all other teams look to meet, even without superstar Chicky Barr on board.

Watch for Girgarre to climb the table after a huge recruiting spree, while perennial finalists Nagambie and Tallygaroopna will again present a tough challenge for opposition sides every week.

The junior ranks of the league are also set to swell with the addition of under-12 football and under-11 netball competitions, a positive sign for the health of the KDL moving forward.


2019: Nagambie (football) and Stanhope (netball)

2018: Tallygaroopna and Nagambie

2017: Nagambie and Nagambie

2016: Nagambie and Avenel

2015: Merrigum and Nagambie

2014: Nagambie and Lancaster

2013: Murchison and Rushworth

2012: Violet Town and Nagambie

2011: Lancaster and Stanhope

2010: Nagambie and Lancaster


2019: Kaine Herbert (Undera)

2018: Kaine Herbert (Undera)

2017: Sam Poole (Violet Town)

2016: Kasey Duncan (Avenel)

2015: Don Stirling (Avenel)

2014: Mick Shiels (Nagambie)

2013: Josh Pell (Merrigum)

2012: Russell Lee (Violet Town)

2011: Steve Thomson (Lancaster)

2010: Troy Snelson (Girgarre)


2019: Chicky Barr (Stanhope)

2018: Chicky Barr (Stanhope)

2017: Sharni Lloyd (Nagambie)

2016: Kathryn Hard (Avenel)

2015: Renee Lea (Merrigum)

2014: Ellie Lothian (Lancaster)

2013: Sharni Lloyd (Rushworth)

2012: Gemma Barry (Nagambie)

2011: Michelle Hill (Lancaster)

2010: Sharni Lloyd (Nagambie)



1 Violet Town

2 Avenel

3 Lancaster

4 Girgarre

5 Nagambie

6 Murchison-Toolamba

7 Merrigum

8 Tallygaroopna

9 Rushworth

10 Stanhope

11 Dookie United

12 Undera

13 Shepparton East

14 Longwood

15 Ardmona


1 Stanhope

2 Nagambie

3 Dookie United

4 Girgarre

5 Merrigum

6 Tallygaroopna

7 Murchison-Toolamba

8 Shepparton East

9 Lancaster

10 Undera

11 Avenel

12 Violet Town

13 Rushworth

14 Longwood

15 Ardmona