Tat Chat - Basketball

By Shepparton News

Round 8 Results:


Bulls 44 d Celtics 21

A 26-6 first half set the game up for Bulls as Celtics struggled to find the basket and Bulls were dominant off the boards. A much more disciplined display by Celtics with some great passing to find the open shot made for an even second half.

Suns 39 d Heat 37

This was a great competitive game with neither side able to pull away. Suns held their lead for the final couple of minutes to run out winners. In a hard-fought game Will Russell (Suns - 17 points) and Floyd Vincitorio (Heat - 18 points) kept their respective team's scoreboard ticking over.

B1 Grade:

Magic 43 d Heat 30

Magic and Heat turned the ball over constantly throughout the entire game. Magic held a steady lead at half-time and despite Heat’s best efforts they finished the game off with a 13 point win.

Bulls 30 d Celtics 26

Bulls played a really strong defensive game with some great rebounding and intercepts. Celtics gave it their best and came back to within four points, but Bulls were just too strong for Celtics.

B2 Grade:

Bulls 26 d Celtics 24

The game was almost goal for goal right from the start, it was super close with each team leading several times throughout the whole match. Celtics were in front at half-time 14 to 13, but in the end Bulls managed to defeat Celtics by two points.

Magic 39 d Heat 35

Magic had a good start leading 26 to 10 after the first half. Heat made a comeback towards the end of the game, but couldn't quite get in front being defeated by only four points. Top scorers were Robbie Hamilton on 19 points for Magic and and Kacee Swetnam scoring 18 for Heat.


Heat 18 d Bulls 2: Celtics 22 d Heat 10; Bulls 18 d Celtics 10

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