Calf doesn’t stop the bull that is Ty

By Lauren Bordin

If anyone else tore their calf in a semi-final they would not have played two weeks later, but that was never going to be the case for Tyson Sidebottom.

Sidebottom thrives in big games and he used the week off after Tallygaroopna defeated Stanhope to prepare himself for the big one.

He was part of the Redlegs’ last senior premiership in 2005 and after back-to-back flags with Shepparton United in 2010-11 and another with the Shepparton Swans in 2014 Sidebottom was rapt to gain another one at his home club.

‘‘We’ve been the number one side all year and to come away with the win means a hell of a lot to the club,’’ he said.

‘‘We’ve gone through undefeated and to go through and win the grand final, for the club I reckon it’s been unbelievable.’’

An A-grade calf tear five minutes into the semi-final against Stanhope did not stop his campaign, after his season ended due to injury last year.

‘‘I pushed through and got through today,’’ Sidebottom said.

‘‘I thought I wasn’t going to play for the rest of the year, but as soon as we won that and I had a week off, my daughter and I were going to Melbourne straight after the game, so I got some treatment.

‘‘I missed the finals series last year because I’m actually getting old and tore my hamstring,’’ he said with a grin.

But Sidebottom, 35, did not show his age late in the game and with the premiership a certainty late he had the crowd cheering as he soared high to hold on to a brilliant grab.

The premiership cup was made all the more special given he stood alongside cousins Dylan, Lachie and Mitch in the red and blue.

‘‘To come home to my home club and do it all again means a hell of a lot to me,’’ Sidebottom said.

‘‘I’m trying to soak it all in now and it’s good that I’ve got some of my cousins playing now, it’s great and I feel sorry for my older brother (Trent) that he just missed out, but for us to all play together and get a premiership, it’s great.’’