Sheree Densworth

By David Rak

More than $20 000 has been raised for Seymour’s Sheree Densworth after she suffered a stroke and aneurysm last month.

Despite having no history of strokes, Sheree, 29, fell from her bed while watching a movie with a friend and became unresponsive.

She was transported to Seymour District Memorial Hospital and then airlifted to the intensive care unit of the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Upon arrival, Sheree was rushed into surgery and a stent was placed in her brain.

While operating, surgeons discovered two main blood vessels were not functioning correctly and had to remove a fraction of Sheree’s skull to release pressure.

Family members were told Sheree was in a critical condition and the likelihood of her making it through the night was slim.

But Sheree has beaten the odds and recently came out of intensive care.

Doctors had ruled out her having any movement on the right side of her body, but as the days progressed, she showed slight movements in her right hand and leg.

Sheree’s physiotherapy has now increased to three hours a day and she is no longer completely dependent on external equipment.

‘‘We truly believe Sheree is still with us, fighting incredibly hard every day and trying to communicate with us,’’ Sheree’s brother Michael said.

‘‘It’s a waiting game. We must wait to see how long her recovery will be and what the lasting impact is.

‘‘The money raised will be used for medical bills and anything Sheree requires for her future.

‘‘It will also support family members who have sacrificed their job and livelihoods to be by Sheree’s side at every possible moment.

‘‘This has been an emotional journey for everyone involved and will continue to be, so every donation that we’ve received is appreciated to help ease the financial worries.

‘‘Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.’’

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