Key directions released for dairy plan

By Rodney Woods

Five commitments for delivering transformational change and a more profitable, united and confident dairy industry were revealed in a Key Directions Statement released on November 1 by partner organisations of the Australian Dairy Plan.

The commitments will form the basis of the draft Australian Dairy Plan report, which is due to be published at the end of month.

“This Key Directions Statement represents the next step in the development of the Australian Dairy Plan,” Australian Dairy Plan independent chair John Brumby said.

“It is not intended to spell out specific initiatives or recommended policies — rather, it identifies the key directions and commitments that provide the structure for the final Australian Dairy Plan.

“Despite the intense pressures facing many farmers, there are good reasons for the industry to be positive over the medium term.

“Many of the issues facing the dairy industry are long standing and well known.

“The unique features of this plan which give it a greater chance of success are the collaboration and commitment of industry organisations to implement change, the unprecedented level of industry engagement and the focus on building a strong and positive industry culture.”

The five commitments are:

  • We will reform our dairy industry structures and how we work together to create a more cohesive dairy industry and a more influential advocacy voice.
  • We will attract and support new entrants and investment to build industry capacity.
  • We will increase our effort in marketing and promotion to build greater levels of trust with consumers and to improve the value of dairy products.
  • We will intensify the focus on farm business management skills to improve farm and supply chain profitability.
  • We will restore trust and transparency between farmers, processors and retailers to improve supply chain profitability and better manage volatility and risks.

Further information can be found at: www.dairyplan.com.au