Around the Schools: RSC’s Year 10s make business their own

By Campaspe News

This semester has seen the introduction of a Year 10 ‘Success in Business’ subject.

It has had a practical focus, with students working in groups and coming up with their own business ideas.

Each group then developed their idea and worked closely to make and sell their own product or provide a service for customers.

Students contributed towards the start-up costs of the business and there were a couple of weeks of business activity where they aimed to make a profit.

The businesses included a number of food enterprises, including Just Chips (hot chips cooked and made at school), Batter It Up, which produced sweets and slices, and a drinks business providing coffees, hot chocolates, milkshakes and thickshakes.

Another business was Scrunchies R Us, who made and then sold the scrunchies in local Rochester businesses.

The scrunchies were an instant hit and the group had trouble keeping up with demand, which was a problem they did not anticipate.

There was also a group providing practical handy services to some local businesses, along with both the Secondary College and the Primary School.

Happily, all groups turned a good profit, with the Scrunchies R Us group making over $500.

Each business was run as a social enterprise, with all profits going to a charity or social cause of their choice.

This was a huge learning experience for all involved, with plenty of obstacles to overcome and teamwork to make the venture a success.

There may be some future business leaders among this dynamic group of students.