Call to donate spare nappies

September 28, 2017

Steph Ryan meets staff, pupils and parents at the Australian Christian College.

State Member for Euroa and Deputy Leader of The Nationals Steph Ryan is asking people to donate spare unused disposable nappies for families in need.

Ms Ryan has registered her office as a drop-off point as part of a Nappy Collective drive in Benalla and is encouraging the community to get involved.

‘‘The Nappy Collective is a program that collects your leftover unused disposable nappies and redistributes them to organisations that support families in crisis or in need,’’ Ms Ryan said.

‘‘Nappies are a basic healthcare need and a lack of sufficient nappies can lead to an array of problems for disadvantaged families.

‘‘A handful of leftover nappies might not mean much to one or two families, but collectively we can make a huge difference in the lives of people who need it most.’’

Ms Ryan has invited all local primary schools and kinders to participate in the drive, but said donations could come from anywhere.

‘‘Nappies cost an average of 45 cents each and with newborns using up to 3000 nappies in their first year, nappies are one of the largest ongoing costs of raising a young family,’’ Ms Ryan said.

‘‘With the current rise in cost-of-living expenses, this adds additional pressure to most families, let alone those experiencing crisis or disadvantage.

‘‘I’m excited to be part of this great initiative and I look forward to having families within the Benalla area come on board.’’

The Nappy Collective started as a group of Melbourne mums who found they each had a handful of nappies their toddlers did not fit into anymore.

After considering what to do with only six nappies, they wondered if there were other parents out there who similarly had nappies they were unable to use.

They decided that, collectively, they could make a big difference if they could collected these handfuls of nappies and redistributed them.

Since starting, the Nappy Collective has collected and donated more than 1.7million nappies.

The Nappy Collective drive will take place between October 13 and 17 and nappies can be dropped at Steph Ryan’s office at 25 Bridge St, Benalla.

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