Questions around super school | Letters to the editor

By Reader Contributed

Robyn Boschetti


I write in response to Sam Birrell, Committee for Greater Shepparton chief executive's, article.

Mr Birrell seems to be keen and eager to have our town grow and flourish, as we all are, but there seems to be an oversight in his rationale regarding families potentially selecting our community to settle in.

The biggest turn-off for families choosing our area will be the fact that we have only one gigantic public school to choose from. One public school. For an area the size of Greater Shepparton.

Other non-public choices are GV Grammar or religious schools. These schools seem to be only for the wealthy and even they can't always enroll their children, due to limited positions being available.

I ask Mr Birrell, do you honestly believe that a single site public school for 3000 kids is a drawcard?

I would imagine if he thought so he would have no qualms sending his own children there to relish in all the fantastic wonders of this great school.

Alas, he HAS to say that. He was on the advisory committee that allowed this travesty into our town.

Making decisions for children that weren’t his, while his own were tucked safely away.

Not good enough for your children Sam, but good enough for mine?

Stay safe.