Agreement helps address housing affordability

By Shepparton News

Congratulations to BeyondHousing and the Peter and Lyndy White Foundation for their partnership agreement.

Up to 45 homes will be built per year in the Goulburn and Ovens Valley thanks to a $10 million annual contribution from the foundation.

It's a huge step forward tackling housing affordability, which is a big contributor to homelessness.

These modern one or two-bedroom homes have been described as "safe, secure and affordable".

As Shepparton has the highest number of homeless people in regional Victoria according to research by the Council for Homeless People, these new homes are desperately needed.

About 55 per cent of BeyondHousing's clients are the ideal tenants (single person or small family) for these homes.

BeyondHousing says more than 3640 households are on the Victorian Housing Registrar waiting list for special social housing properties in the Goulburn and Ovens Murray Region.

Another advantage of the smaller dwellings is the overall costs.

Instead of a single person living by themselves in a large three or four-bedroom home with a big backyard, the quaint size brings back the responsibility onto the tenant.

They may be motivated to keep power and general household costs low.

BeyondHousing also has plans to build the Shepparton homes in a close vicinity to the CBD.

BeyondHousing is one of the most vital services in the Shepparton region to address homelessness.

It knows what properties are ideal for its clients’ demographics.

Overall support to decrease homelessness or the effects of homelessness is gaining and it needs to continue.