Letter to Editor: Coronavirus concern

By Shepparton News

Barry O'Connor


Coronavirus is now a very real problem for Victorians.

What is very disappointing is the fact that we have a culture, amongst a noisy minority in Melbourne, of selfishness and blatant disregard for the regulations and the laws currently in place to combat this virus outbreak.

These irresponsible actions result in the extension of restrictions for the entire 6.4 million people in the state.

The Premier reported that whilst they are providing local testing facilities for suburbs now in ‘lock-down’, almost 1000 people have refused to be tested?

We have seen around 5500 people released from quarantine without any testing.

Whilst there is an inquiry into the actions of the security company, what brief were they given, and which health official/s supervised the program? Reported on 2nd July was the fact that a returning traveller, who went through quarantine in Melbourne before returning to Darwin, has now tested positive.

If you are a demonstrator you appear to be sacrosanct. Our authorities took no action other than to fine three organisers of one event, $1652 each, when an estimated 10,000 people participated!

When are these media manipulated morons going to realise that they are not advancing their cause by thumbing their nose at authorities and showing total disregard for the laws, thus adversely impacting on the ‘silent majority’ in the rest of the state.

What they are doing, is alienating the very people they are trying to garner support from!