First fish and it’s a monster

By John Lewis

When Shepparton's Brad Armstrong took his wife Dani fishing, they were on a mission to land Dani's first ever catch.

Dani had followed her fishing-mad husband on big angling trips for years but she'd never caught a thing — until a week ago.

Then, right at the end of a freezing cold week at Copeton Dam in NSW, she finally broke the hoodoo and caught her first fish — a monster 108.5 cm Murray cod.

“I'd been through the whole week, getting up in the freezing cold and spending all day on the water. Cast and wind, cast and wind — all day,” Dani said.

“It was about 4 pm on the last day of the trip when I felt a gentle tug on my rod.

“Then I felt two tugs, and I started reeling it in. Then the line got jammed and I thought, ‘Oh no, I'm snagged’ — but I kept going and landed it. It was a really beautiful fish,” Dani said.

Brad agreed, and after a photo and video for Instagram the mighty monster was returned gently to the deep.

Dani Armstrong holds her first ever catch - a whopping 108.5cm Murray cod, caught while fishing the freezing waters of Copeton Dam, in NSW.

Youth justice worker Brad said the cod was caught on a Jackall Gantarel Swimbait lure.

Now Dani is hooked on the sport just as surely as her first fish was hooked on her line.

“I just want to get warm and do it again,” she said.

Last year, Brad and Dani set up Pirate Spinnerbaits, their own Shepparton-based native fish lure-making business.

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