Shepparton boy gets a surprise social distancing birthday party

By Madi Chwasta

A convoy of cars driving past a house is not your usual birthday party.

But for Harry Trevaskis, who turned seven on Wednesday, it was just the thing to make him smile.

Harry has had a rough couple of weeks — he had emergency surgery the week before his birthday, and has been at his home in Shepparton recovering from the pain.

And with more people practising social distancing to reduce the spread of coronavirus, he couldn’t have a birthday party — not even a small one with his grandparents.

Happy birthday posters: Special messages for Harry Trevaskis's seventh birthday.

“Everyone felt sorry for him because he’d been inside all week,” his mum Lorren Trevaskis said.

So Lorren’s friends came to the rescue.

“We have a group chat of five of us from high school,” she said.

“One of my friends, Becc, sent a message to our group with this idea to drive past on his birthday, and everyone got on board.”

Lorren's friends got to work, spending the day attaching sequins to “Happy Birthday” banners, and co-ordinating a time to drive past.

Lorren took Harry out the front their house at 5.45 pm, telling him “the council” wanted everyone to go outside, but he was worried when he didn’t see anyone else on the footpath.

“He was very concerned that everyone was running late,” Lorren said.

Then, a line of cars drove by their house with horns honking and those within cheering `happy birthday!’ with the windows down.

“As they started tooting around the corner, Harry asked `what are the council doing?’,” Lorren said.

But once he recognised the familiar faces, he was ecstatic and threw his arms in the air, with Lorren capturing the moment on video.

“He came inside afterwards with the biggest smile on his face,” she said.

Lorren was thankful for her supportive group of friends, despite it being a tough time for all.

"What are the council doing?": Harry watching the cars drive past.

“It was so beautiful for them to think of us, and make his day so special in a really unsettling time,” she said.

“It was a simple gesture, and it just made our day.”

And when asked about the unconventional celebration, Harry couldn't help but beam.

“I was very surprised and excited,” he said.