Local leap year kid set to celebrate his ‘second’ birthday

By Spencer Fowler Steen

At eight going on two, Shepparton's Jude Magill may not be old enough to get his licence just yet. But technically, he might not be hooning around until he is 72.

Until then, our local leap-year wonder kid will just have to keep riding around on his beloved BMX bike.

Jude's mum, Ronnyne Magill, can't wait to celebrate her son's special day.

“It’s a bit of a novelty finally having it on the calendar,” she said.

“Sometimes people assume that its not even a real date.”

Like most older siblings, Lara, 10, struggles to remember details about her small-fish younger brother.

But luckily, she has a neat trick to remember when his birthday is.

Jude’s leap birthday always falls in the same year as the Olympics, so when Lara switches on the TV to watch the Games in July, she will be reminded to wish her brother a belated happy birthday. Which is better than nothing.

Enjoying a moment: Sisters Lara and Violet with birthday boy Jude Magill.

Jude’s family used to celebrate his non-leap year birthdays on March 1 because Ronnyne didn’t go into labor until late on February 28.

Now that Jude, who turns ‘two’ tomorrow, is a little older with a bit more authority, Ronnyne allows him to make the call to celebrate his birthday on the last day of February, his preferred day of celebration three-quarters of the time.

An avid sportsman, Jude plays soccer, rides his bike and loves watching footy and cricket.

Which makes his choice of celebrating his birthday tomorrow at Shepparton’s Mad Cow Mud Run with Lara seem logical.

Jude looks forward to celebrating his 21st milestone at the age of 84.