Kialla sausage dogs become internet sensations

By Madi Chwasta

These miniature dachshund puppies from Kialla aren’t just pretty faces.

They’re Instagram influencers, with more than 4500 followers and five company sponsorships to their names.

Owners Emily Rolls and Jack Ackland started posting photos of Frankie and Leo on Instagram in mid-September — two months before they picked them up from the Newcastle breeder.

They wanted two so the puppies could keep each other company during the day.

Good times: Emily and Jack holding their Instagram famous dachshund twin puppies Frankie and Leo.

“In the two months after we put down the deposit, the breeder sent us photos, and we put every photo on Instagram,” Jack said.

“We follow famous people on Instagram who have also made ones for their dogs, so we thought we’d do it as a joke.”

Little did they know the photogenic pups would become overnight sensations.

“We first put up six photos, and it went up to 200 followers in one night,” Emily said.

“We weren’t expecting that.”

Kisses: Frankie and Leo showing love for one another.

Since then, their Instagram @frankieandleo_ has averaged 100 to 150 new followers each day, with most attention coming from Instagram users in the United Kingdom.

The adorable photos of the puppies not only attract dog lovers, but interest from companies — some give free products and one pays per post.

“We’re sponsored by three clothing companies, a shampoo company, and a wholesale supplier,” Emily said.

“There is pressure [to post].”

But thankfully the gorgeous moments of the dachshies basking in the sun, snuggling with one another, and modelling multi-coloured bandannas are easy to capture – as long as treats are involved.

“They’ll sit for food, they’ll do anything for food . . . we get all our photos, but behind the cameras we’re holding food,” Jack said.

Fresh threads: the puppies show off their new clothes.

“There are some days where they won’t sit still because they’re puppies, but then you’ll have other days where they’ll just sit and stare at a treat for hours,” Emily said.

“It’s a two-person job.”

And while they look almost identical in photos, they boast very different personalities in real life.

“Frankie wants to sit in your lap all the time and always wants a cuddle, while Leo is a bit more restless — he happily walks about and is more of the leader,” Emily said.

Emily and Jack want to keep posting photos of Frankie and Leo, not only to see how many followers they can get, but also as cherished memories of the pups.

“They really love each other, and they really love humans,” she said.

“It’s fun for all of us.”